How To Protect Your Art Collection

November 3, 2014 at 3:33 pm

art collectionYour art collection, no matter how small or extensive, is something that is surely very important to you. Of course, you would want to protect it by all means possible. Art pieces, after all, cost a substantial amount of your hard-earned money, and are considered investments that can also provide you with some liquidity or additional assets in the future. Of course, they are also for your personal enjoyment and you should be able to enjoy your art collection for a long period of time even if they are not as large or famous as the art collections included in this list.

When you make security precautions for your home or other properties, you should also include your art collection. There are specific policies and services that you can look into especially for the ample protection of your works of art.

Here are some guidelines you can follow on how to best protect your collection:


  • Have the right insurance policy. Your home insurance should have proper protection for your art collection in case of fire, natural disasters, theft, and other incidents. In particular, the personal property coverage in your home insurance policy should have full coverage for your art collection. This means in case your collection is lost or damaged, your financial investment will be protected. If the value of your collection exceeds that which can be covered by your home insurance provider, you should look into additional coverage specifically for your art works. You can find very useful information like the different types of art insurance and the companies offering them in this article.
  • Use electronic security installations. There are plenty of options available to homeowners these days for securing their property, including electronic home alarm systems, CCTV and surveillance systems, and remote-controlled locks and gates. Your home security system should be up-to-date and working properly so your home and your belongings are always fully protected.
  • Secure all entrances and access points. Doors, windows, garage doors, and other entry and exit points must be properly secured to avoid unwelcome intrusions. If there are any repairs or replacements needed, such as new garage doors, make sure they are performed immediately. You can use this garage door prices guide in the event that you’d need to replace your garage door. Delaying necessary replacements or repairs would expose your home and your art collection to strangers.
  • Register your collection. Another important safeguard for your art works is registration in the Art Loss Register which is a worldwide database of lost or stolen art, collectibles, and antiques. Registration with this database will greatly increase the chances of your valued collection being recovered in case of theft. Registration costs per piece of art is minimal but will prove invaluable in the unfortunate likelihood that your art collection is compromised.
  • Limit exposure. While you would want to enjoy your art collection with your family and friends, you should also safeguard against unnecessary exposure or access to your collection. One example of this is your social media accounts such as Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. Your accounts should be private or keep out unauthorized users especially if you have revealing photos of your collection online which can give criminals an idea of what you have.
  • Keep important documents safe. The corresponding paperwork for your art collection should always be kept in a secure place, preferably not in the same room as your collection. These documents will be important when you need to file an insurance claim and provide proof of ownership, or if you file any reports with authorities regarding incidences of theft.