Trekking the Mountains for Lack of Inspiration

October 24, 2014 at 11:13 am

trekkingStuck in a rut? Artistic people who use their creativity on a daily basis may sometimes end up with no new ideas to begin their next project. Everyone from musicians, writers, dancers, directors, choreographers, playwrights, photographers, and a lot more other artists, have to keep coming up with fresh content in the constant search for the next big thing.

There are a lot of ways to keep yourself inspired. One of the most advised is listening to your own heart. Though it may sound very cliché, spending some alone time in your own thoughts can be helpful to find new inspiration. Keeping a journal can also sort out the many thoughts that you have. You don’t need to have them organized, but keeping the distractions away can help keep your focus on what you’re working on.

More often than not, inspiration doesn’t come instantly. The artist will have the idea but it will slowly build, and will have to go through many drafts and changes before becoming a masterpiece. Constant work is needed to develop a good work. As with any passionate endeavor, you have to spend time practicing your craft, and through this you can get the needed inspiration.

Interestingly, light is also one of the sources of artistic ideas. Artists find that more windows help when they need more ideas. So why not find more light by actually going outdoors?

After all, one of the best ways to find inspiration is to get high. And no, it’s not in the herbal kind of way that you think, but to literally get as high as you can by trekking a mountain. The outdoors is a great source of inspiration for artists of all kinds.

A new place can help artists who seek creativity get that mental rejuvenation they need. Just imagine what you can find when you experience a thousand feet (or more!) climb. There are a lot of reasons why people try mountain climbing, and they are great reasons to do so. Aside from the physical benefits that you can get, such as strength building, increased stamina, and altitude training, it can also help with your mental development as well. Climbing high mountains will help you stay humble while also building your confidence. As you start to explore and push yourself to new heights, you’ll find creative insights like never before.

But be warned, mountaineering is risky. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can be seriously hurt. This online resource provides the statistics on people who were killed while mountaineering. It can also be quite expensive too, since you’re going to need equipment, and you have to travel to where the mountains are. You may be wary of doing all these just to get some fresh ideas… yet you’ll see that after each climb, you’ll feel a sense of simultaneous motivation and accomplishment. After experiencing that new environment and overcoming that amazing climb, you’ll find yourself going back to work revitalized and with overflowing creativity.

Most importantly, before you go to any trek, you have to bring the essentials. Make sure you have proper footwear (hiking boots with socks are best), comfortable but suitable attire, jacket for the cold, sunscreen, bug spray, first aid kit, pocketknife, and most especially, food. Get to know some useful rock show buying tips from this page.

And of course, before you head to the mountains, make sure to visit one of the Tires Plus Locations  found here to ensure that your vehicle is up to the job and will keep your journey safe.

Freedom of expression land you in jail?: Get the right help.

July 23, 2013 at 2:21 am

Artist in JailEveryone has an opinion and, hopefully, the freedom to express that opinion. Speech or various artistic forms of expression are bound to have opponents and sometimes it can have unfortunate consequences. In the United States, we are protected by the first amendment which gives the freedom of speech/expression. However, there are still limitations and these limitations go by the names of libel and slander. Libel is defamation by print or another other form other than spoken word or gestures. Slander is an untruth about someone spoken with malicious intent. Art comes in many different forms, whether it be a street performer or Picasso, and any time a piece of art is made it comes with the implication that someone may possibly be offended by the message. A street artist in New York was arrested for placing ads on bus stops that poked fun at the NYPD by saying “Drones: Protection When You Least Expect It”. He was arrested by the police, which the irony is not lost on, but proves that there are limits to how far an individual’s freedom of expression goes.

Other examples of art having bad consequences: an American photographer created a controversial photo entitled “Piss Christ” which depicted Jesus on the cross submerged in a bottle of urine. The photograph elicited controversy for decades.  Another artist by the name of Anna Sin’kova, a resident of Ukraine, was found frying eggs over an eternal flame that burns in remembrance of fallen soldiers and the Soviet victory over Nazi Germany. A video of the act exists and reveals that there are police officers watching Anna perform the stunt, but did not try to stop here. However, three months later she was arrested for “desecrating a grave.” She was refused to be released on bail.

Sin’kova says that she sees the placement not as a grave, but a “propaganda for a totalitarian communist regime.” To her, the old memorial does not resonate the same way it does with others. There are those that do agree with her, however, and see her actions as acceptable within the rights of her expression and have raised their voices in her defense. She says that upon her return from jail she will fight for the causes she believes in. If she wasn’t prohibited from being released on bail she might have been able to get back to that cause sooner. Unfortunately, bail can be denied for a variety of reasons in different countries. If bail is denied, the defendant is allowed to apply for bail at their court hearing. Unless there is a strong reason to deny bail, the defendant will be released. If an artist is arrested after putting a piece of their work on display they should seek bail, especially if they feel that they were wrongly accused of libel or slander for their work.

Having a lawyer that can successfully defend your case using the amendment rights will help ensure the case swings in you favor. In the unfortunate event that you have been arrested, keep calm and know that you have rights protecting you, but don’t rely on your rights alone. In order to ensure that you’re out of jail in time to prepare your case with a qualified defense attorney, you need to choose the right bail bonds company to secure your freedom. This isn’t as easy as it sounds. You need to focus on finding a bail bondsman who is both trustworthy and nearby. If you call one bail bonds company, and they tell you they will be there shortly to bail you out, and never show up, it could mean several more days in jail before you can get ahold of another and make your way out. Many times, it’s family members making these phone calls on your behalf, you need a qualified bail bondsman to get the job done. With regard to their being nearby, lets say for the sake of argument that your loved one was arrested and brought to jail in Los Angles. If they call a bail bonds in Whittier, or Orange County bail bonds, such as, they can usually be there in about an hour to get them bailed out. If on the other hand you reach a San Diego bail bonds company, it could literally take hours for them to arrive.

Above all, don’t make the mistake of taking you or your loved one’s arrest lightly. It’s a serious event when anyone is arrested, and even more serious when someone’s freedom of expression rights are being trampled on. Take the right steps post-arrest to ensure you or your loved ones are bailed out and on the path to justice as soon as possible.